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Sell your products in the World’s richest country!
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Business start-up and development?


Gain access to the markets of one of the world’s richest county!


Business start-up and development?


Gain access to the markets of one of the world’s richest county!



Make It a Reality NOW!

Have you ever ‘thought of’ expanding into a new country and to its markets?



We believe there comes a time for all successful C.E.O.s and venders that they realize they are limited to their countries and geographical areas, whereas their product or service has far greater potential in other countries, around the world. That is where we come to their aid.

— All investors and business ventures should be aware of this! – the response of many of our clients who attend our seminars.

Dubai. Abu Dhabi. The Emirates. Money, oil, truism, glitter. Enormous, constant, solvent demand.




What are the greatest challenges that prevent you to immediately introduce your products and services to the markets of the Emirates?




What are the greatest challenges that prevent you to immediately introduce your products and services to the markets of the Emirates?



The main problem most people face is that the nature of the Emirates is completely different to that of Europe. The formula for a successful start-up in Dubai is not the same or similar at all to that of a European start-up.

There is an entirely different business environment present in the Emirates. All the way from traditions, culture, economy, public relations or PR, to marketing and sales communication different norms and rules apply to each one.

If a businessman (or entrepreneur) attempts to introduce his or her product or services, without knowing well the regulations and procedures that enable it to operate, he or she can easily fall victim to obstacles that can take years and thousands of otherwise unnecessary Euros to solve, as well as could disrupt your business back at home.




We have a team of experts whom have been living in the Emirates for years and will provide you with the most professional help you can get.



Our team has many years of experience in dealing with the introduction of products and services into the markets of the Emirates.

We have provided professional consultation to a great many of our clients ranging from helping them to set up their company, to arrange them the best form of Legal Tax Optimization and wealth protection, for which otherwise there is little consultation.


Pre-Market Research


Is there a demand for your product or service? Are there any competition and if there is, how big is it?




There is no guarantee that the traditional Marketing and PR methods currently in use today in Europe will work in the Middle Eastern markets, as well.


Local Norms and Traditions


How and to what extent do the local traditions and norms influence how successful a business becomes in the Emirates?


Time and Money


If you would need to find out the answers to these listed above all by yourself, how much time and money would it cost you? Would that be worth it for you?



Come and join us at our private V.I.P Business Conference!

One conference where you could save and gain millions!



During this private V.I.P conference you will learn such highly valuable information about the United Arab Emirates which you will Not find anywhere else on the internet.

For the past 6 years our business partner, currently living in the Emirates, have been frequently traveling to Budapest to provide our clients with the most valuable information to their need.

  • We will teach you those bits of information and instructions, which if you do Not follow, can cost you millions and lots of precious time.
  • We will enlighten you with the information about how you can speed up and make your entrance onto the markets of the Emirates way more beneficial.

Even if you are not yet planning to expend your operations into the Emirates, you will still receive a level of knowledge and method, which can greatly benefit you once you begin expanding into other markets.

We will discuss why is beneficial for You to start a business in Dubai, what is the tax environment like and how much money will you be able to keep in the end.

We will introduce a few case studies from the past years, which will give you an idea that on the form of operation you can do in the Emirates.



Location and Time



Kempinski Hotel Corvinus Budapest

The Kempinski Hotel Corvinus Budapest is a 5 star luxury hotel, that is part of the Kempinski hotel group. The hotel itself is located within the inner city, in the 5th district of the city, at the Erzsébet tér 7-8, in close proximity to Deák tér, to the river bank of the Danube, to the Szent István bazilika, to the Szechenyi Chain Bridge (Lánchíd) and next to the British Embassy in Budapest.

Address: 7-8  Erzsébet tér, Budapest 1051, Hungary.




Ticket types

Notice: The prices do NOT include the 27% VAT!




100% satisfaction guarantee!




100% satisfaction guarantee!



If you are not satisfied with the content (or information) of what you have heard during the seminar and you inform us of this before the start of our business lunch, then we will refund a 100% of your ticket. Without any question or minuscule part.

Let it be our responsibility to satisfy you!



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